Grind is the antidote to offices. A members-only workspace and co-working community dedicated to taking all of the frustrations of the old way of working. I worked with Co: Collective to create the brand identity and the physical experience for the first location in NYC.


The brand identity is equally visual and verbal. Visually simple and restrained combined with a witty and borderline arrogant tone-of-voice. In creating the space we wanted to do a couple of things: Create subtle interior branding without adding clutter. Poke fun at the old cubicle style of working.


The branded digital display in the lobby is a loop of frustrating work experience cinemagraphs mixed in with typographic one-liners. 


“We need some blue-sky thinking here”

The floor to ceiling conference room windows are filled with middle management BS one-liners. They provide a subtle texture to define the space but are also a funny reminder of the corporate world you left behind.

This video, produced by Jaeger Sloan, explains the Grind story in detail.