Karma is a mobile internet company with the mission to provide you with reliable internet access, delivered through a completely seamless user experience. Anytime, anyplace, and on all your devices.

The product Karma Go, a portable device that fits in your pocket, grabs a cellular connection out of thin air and turns it into your own personal WiFi signal.

Aside from offering simple data plans, Karma also enables sharing of WiFi – rewarding you with free data whenever anyone joins your connection.

Karma-Brading–Internet On Your Own TermsKarma-Brading–Internet On Your Own Terms

Karma was founded to reimagine and simplify the way we connect to the internet and to make the experience of getting online anywhere as easy as switching on a light: no need to think about it, it just works.

This idea of seamless connectivity informs brand, product strategy, marketing, design, and everything in between.


Karma was first launched with the theme of social bandwidth, WiFi that is made for sharing. Practically speaking, your Karma WiFi connection is open to the public. It’s free for people to login and try it out and you get rewarded with data when somebody joins your network.


This concept is the driver for both naming and the identity design. The idea for the logo comes from the simple notion of being part of a community and is expressed through a minimalist emblem/monogram. 


Karma’s tone-of-voice is a combination of bold and conversational wit and concise industry know-how. Big statements are loud, but never brash. Technical concepts are communicated with clarity and confidence. These principles of clarity and purpose is also applied to typography.