The branded output included everything from the website, apps, digital ads, to printed collateral, packaging, and instructional videos. We created a vast amount of content, always with consistent messaging and point-of-view, and on a start-up budget.


Beyond selling products, the website was the primary platform for telling the brand story and explaining how it all works. There were multiple iterations over time but always built on straightforward messaging and visuals. 


A driving principle for designing the Karma Go packaging was to be eco-conscious in regards to materials and physical dimensions. A branded felt pouch that protects the Go in transit also doubles as an aftermarket accessory. Printed collateral is reduced to the essentials and with an included USB cable everything is packaged in space age bag that fits your mailbox.


The videos we produced in-house included instructional how-to's, customer stories, Facebook ads and social media promos.


We were constantly thinking about better ways to get online and how it will change in the future. We formalized the thinking into a thought leadership report called Future Facts of a Wireless World. Our writer Paul Miller presented it in seven ideas and trends that also represented the future vision for the brand.