Karma Go  

The design of Karma Go is unique and simple. In contrast to all the blacked out hotspot junk in the market, you're not ashamed to leave it out. For this reason and because of its clear branding, the Karma Go is always ‘in focus’ to raise awareness for both product and brand. 

For a nimble process and allowing for experimentation along the way, we built an in-house photo studio, enabling the team to shoot whenever (and whatever).

Early photography focused solely on the Karma Go with a clean and crisp art direction, highlighting the form factor. Introducing the product, prior to launch, relied on CGI renders.


Karma Go really is pocket-sized WiFi and using hand models immediately communicates this. While the styling is minimal they hint at who the user might be. Demonstrating the diverse customer base is an added benefit.

For social media and advertising the art direction takes an editorial look. Instead of gratuitous lifestyle photography, the focus is always on Go but the environments shows evidence of the user and location. This concept combined with the, mostly, top-down view allows us to create a wide range of scenarios.